After the adventure of "Disco Voador", Clã (Hélder Gonçalves, Miguel Ferreira, Pedro Biscaia, Pedro Rito, Fernando Gonçalves and Manuela Azevedo) has gone back to recording original songs, with 14 of these making up the tracks on "Corrente".


The musical composition by Hélder Gonçalves is joined by the words of Clã´s traditional partners – Carlos Tê, Regina Guimarães, Sérgio Godinho and the Brazilians Arnaldo Antunes and John Ulhoa (Pato Fu). In addition to this group of excellent lyricists and poets, Clã have also recorded lyrics written by Nuno Prata (Ornatos Violeta) and Samuel Úria, representatives of the latest generation of Portuguese composers. For these two, it was their first experience of writing songs with the band.


Hélder Gonçalves produced "Corrente", but, for the mixes, Clã brought in the multi-award winning Darrell Thorp, who is responsible for recording and mixing some of the most important albums of recent years. He has worked with such artists as Beck, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Charlotte Gainsbourgh and Stephen Malkmus, amongst others.

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